About Us


The college came into existence as a result of an observed gap in the middle-level health care system, particularly the Zone A senatorial district (Niger South) constituency, which comprises of 8 LGAs in Niger State.

The observed gaps came into open when some few likeminded individuals and groups, who decided to address the issue and therefore brought many interested parties together, so as to work out a long term solution to this problem. Then a decision was reached that; a Monotechnic/Polytechnic, of mainly health care courses should be established, by declaring a sort of share holding open to the public, which could enable people to buy for the take off of the college. The college subsequently took off in August 2017.




To build modern learning facilities, in order to promote research in Health and Environmental issues for the training of quality Health personnel for the Health care industry.


To train high quality middle-level manpower in Health Care Industry.


  • To assess the basic Health care needs of the community.
  • Facilitate and sustain the provision of basic sanitation and adequate water supply.
  • Provide and manage appropriately the treatment for uncomplicated and commonly occurring diseases and epidemics in the community.
  • Provide essential drugs.
  • Effect positive changes in people‚Äôs negative health behaviour through health education and promotion.
  • Produce health manpower that can function independently and in collaboration with other members of the health team and related sectors in solving health problems.
  • Contribute in the achievement of the millennium development goals.
  • Providing health care based on practically sound and socially acceptable methods.
  • Continuous update of knowledge and skills in line with current primary health care service available to individuals, families and communities in terms of cost, time and location. And to ensure equitable discharge of the services to communities without favour or segregation.


The philosophy of primary health care is derived from the modern concept of health and environmental health which is the control of all physical, chemical, biological and social factor of the environment not only for the prevention of diseases but also for the enhancement of the physical, mental and social wellbeing of man.

Edumana College of Health Sciences and Technology believes that primary health care (PHC) is likened to a revolution in the health sector, must be a progressive program aiming at the continuous improvement of the health of man. It must rely on scientific knowledge of public health, essential drugs, health education, management skill & techniques of community mobilization. The value of primary health care services most at all times be appreciated by the community in which it is provided if it is to succeed in achieving its objectives.

We believe in building a society where the individuals is well informed about health matters and fell encouraged to put into practice such health concepts that will create a high level of physical, mental and social well being of the entire citizenry. The training of the various cadres of health manpower as obtainable in Edumana College of Health Sciences and Technology produce personnel who will have a firm understanding of the socio-economic needs of the community taking into account their social, culture, religious and other factor, and therefore make inputs towards the achievement of the millennium development goals.